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    Doug and the team operate out of excellence to serve the best tasting cup of coffee with the best environment/feel. You feel like you're at home the second you approach the counter. The prices are amazing and the quality of drink and food are even better. If you're in the area, Rescue Grounds is the place to go! Every penny spent here will sow into changing someone's life! HIGHLY RECOMMEND

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    Great Coffee !!! Staff is friendly and eager to serve. The Caramel Frappe and Honey Vanilla Frappe are OFF THE HOOK!!!

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    Every Purchase rescues victims of human trafficking.

    Rescue Grounds Coffee Company is the latest branch off of Magdalene Hope, who regularly rescues & assists victims of human trafficking.

    They've partnered with Smith's Bakery for cookies & doughnuts, Hodels for cinnamon rolls, Jakes Tex-Mex for their infamous chocolate cake, and Bearylicious for fried pies & cobbler.

    Walk through the front doors of Bakersfield Memorial Hospital, and go straight back, until you see the red lit arrow.

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    Amazing coffee with a beautiful feels really good to be able to help to bring awareness of human trafficking by just buying a cup of coffee.

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    I heard about this special place on NPR, a newly opened small place in the Bakersfield Memorial Hospital, their quality and local offerings, and came in today on my day off to check it out.

    The young lady at the counter was very sweet and helpful. I just couldn't decide what to get given the number of yummy things on the menu... several different types of hot beverages including organic hot cocoa, and Melina's Mexican Spiced cocoa... tons of different baked goods such as Jake's Infamous Chocolate Cake Smith's donuts, Bearylicious fried pies and Hodel's cinnamon rolls....

    With the young lady's help, I ordered a vanilla truffle hot tea (not on the menu), though the green tea or Machhiato was a close second and third....

    I overheard - literally from the guy who founded the place (not intentionally eavesdropping, really!) that his goal was to serve the "best product" to the "best customers." He asked a customer whom he seemed to know, "Do you know where that hot cocoa came from? Chile...."

    So, if you want wonderful quality hot beverages and yummy, locally freshly baked goods you definitely need to check this place out! You will not be disappointed!

    I'm not really supposed to be out drinking coffee and partaking of baked goods - I'm on a diet which prohibits both.... But I was just so taken by the story behind RG's opening. This is what really motivated me to come here today.

    Rescue Ground's co-venture with Bakersfield Memorial Hospital , is about bringing awareness to victims of commercial sex trafficking, and empowering women, giving them hope, options, helping by giving them employment. This is a project of Magdalene Hope, a ministry dedicated to social justice, which also runs the Restoration Ranch Women's Shelter. Their mission is to "Rescue, Redeem, & Restore."

    As I was leaving, the gentleman seated behind me asked, "Excuse me.... I am the founder.... did you enjoy your beverage?" I told him I certainly did. And I will definitely be back.

    So, besides making my tummy happy (and Bette I only had two bites of the cinnamon roll!), I also left with my heart happy, as well as hopeful that in some teeny tiny way my cup of tea and cinnamon roll may help someone in her struggle.

    UPDATE: I was so taken with Rescue Grounds that I contacted them to find out whether they could cater for us for a Unity Breakfast we were having at the Bakersfield Museum of Art. Despite asking last minute, Doug was so gracious to help us out. He absolutely went beyond the call of duty! Everyone thought the coffee was great (they kept on coming back for more, and we quickly ran out!) and talked about using RG for their next event.

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